Audit and consulting

Audit and consulting

Implementation of the Personal Data Protection Law

In Peru, we have had law 29773 in force for several years, which requires all companies to declare their personal data banks, as well as the treatment and mechanisms that ensure adequate handling of it at the security and legal level of the organization. We can accompany you in this process to prevent your organization from being penalized for not having complied. We can also complement this consultancy by suggesting improvements and controls that strengthen information protection.

Systems audit (internal or external)

We have a large base of professional IT experts including a computer expert endorsed by the Peruvian College of Engineers who have knowledge and specializations in the principal technological platforms and the mastery of the main standards, framework, recommendations, and best practices used nationally or internationally. This knowledge allows us to transmit an objective evaluation to our customers and demonstrate the existing risks that may affect the continuity of the operation, whether it is required to validate compliance with existing processes or determine the GAP concerning applicable international standards or compliance with the Peruvian legal framework.

System expertise

We have within the staff of professionals an expert computer systems engineer endorsed by the Peruvian College of Engineers with whom we can add value to the occurrence of an event that may have legal or judicial implications through this expert service to be able to formalize the existing evidence before the need to have elements that can be used in legal proceedings

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